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Real Estate in India opened to foreign direct investment in the mid 2000s and spurred growth in real estate in all sectors. Since then the levels and cycles in real estate has seen heightened prices, new market practices, and global interest in all the real estate sectors. India is experiencing new market rules and guidelines for best practices and is in the process of implementing additional methods of governance, disclosures, professional standards and clear enforceable documents.


It is an exciting time and has formed an alliance with a innovative ground breaking IT enabled service to provide a unique platform that efficiently organizes the different real estate sectors and professional organizations active therein. Our goal is to set the standard for transparent listings and collaboration among real estate professionals that utilize cutting edge technology, approves standard formats, and clear validation and certification methods.


We aim to provide you with complete and updated listings. Our goal is for to be your premiere resource that supports and offers you the best professional and global real estate marketing solutions for domestic and international markets alike.